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Al Fronczak's 2005 NFL Draft
Prospect Rating Board

This list is the way I see the Prospects being selected in order on the day of the Draft .  This list will be Updated periodically as the Prospects results come in on their Pro Day performances and is by no means My Final Rating Board.

Note - Each position will be Updated on different days.

Updated April 22nd

  (Player)  (School)      (Ht)(Wt)(Scouting Grade)

  1. Alex Smith **JR           Utah     6-4217   Round One

  2. Aaron Rodgers **JR   California    6-2223          Round One

  3. Jason Campbell Auburn6-4228   Round Two

  4. Charlie Frye Akron   6-4227   Round Two/Three

  5. Adrian McPherson     Florida State      6-3218   Round Three

  6. Kyle Orton   Purdue  6-4233  Round Three/Four

  7. Andrew Walter    Arizona State      6-6       233   Round Four/Five

  8. Derek Anderson Oregon State      6-6       242   Round Five

  9. Ryan Fitzpatrick  Harvard       6-2222   Round Five/Six

10. Stefan LeFors     Louisville    6-0208    Round Five/Six

11. Dan Orlovsky      Connecticut6-5226    Round Five/Six

12. Gino Guidugli      Cincinnati   6-3 229   Round Seven/FA

Updated April 15th

  1. Ronnie Brown     Auburn 6-0233    Round One

  2. Cedric Benson     Texas   5-11      220    Round One

  3. Carnell Williams   Auburn 5-11      217    Round One

  4. J.J. Arrington       California     5-9214    Round Two/Three

  5. Ciatrick Fason      Florida 6-0 210    Round Three

  6. Marion Barber **JR            Minnesota   5-11       221   Round Three

  7. Ryan Moats   Louisiana Tech  5-8  210   Round Three

  8. Vernand MorencyOklahoma State 5-10       212   Round Three/Four

  9. Eric Shelton  Louisville    6-1  246   Round Four

10. Walter ReyesSyracuse     5-10        209   Round Four/Five

11. Darren Sproles    Kansas State      5-6  187   Round Five

12. Alvin Pearman      Virginia5-10208   Round Five

13. Brandon Jacobs (H)   Southern Illinois 6-4 257    Round Five/Six

14. Kay-Jay Harris      West Virginia      6-0 243    Round Five/Six

15. Noah Herron Northwestern     5-11224   Round Five/Six

16. Anthony Davis      Wisconsin   5-6  200    Round Six

Updated April 3rd

1. Nehemiah Broughton          Citadel 5-11 250   Round Five/Six

2. Will MatthewsTexas   6-1   248   Round Five/Six

3. Brandon Joe         Ohio State   6-0   245   Round Seven/FA

4. Matthew Tant Vanderbilt   5-11 236   Round Seven/FA

5. Zach Tuiasosopo  Washington        6-2   249   Free Agent

6. Keith Joseph Texas A&M  6-2   254   Free Agent

7. Kevin Dudley Michigan     6-0   237   Free Agent

8. Justin Green  Montana     5-11 251   Free Agent

9. Madison Hedgecock    North Carolina   6-3   266   Free Agent


(Wide Receivers)
Updated April 14th

  1. Braylon EdwardsMichigan    6-3   211  Round One

  2. Mike Williams     USC      6-5   229  Round One

  3. Troy Williamson**JR  South Carolina  6-1    203  Round One

  4. Mark Clayton      Oklahoma          5-10 193  Round One

  5. Matt Jones  Arkansas    6-6    242  Round One

  6. Roddy WhiteUAB     6-1    207  Round One/Two

  7. Reggie Brown     Georgia     6-1   196   Round Two

  8. Terrance Murphy       Texas A&M6-1    202   Round Two

  9. Crophonso Thorpe    Florida State    6-1    188   Round Two

10. Vincent Jackson No. Colorado   6-4     241   Round Two/Three

11. Chris Henry West Virginia    6-4     202  Round Two/Three

12. Fred Gibson       Georgia      6-4    196   Round Two/Three

13. Craig Bragg UCLA   6-1    196   Round Three

14. Courtney Roby    Indiana       6-0    189   Round Three

15. Roscoe Parrish **JR          Miami-Florida   5-10  168   Round Three

16. Mark Bradley       Oklahoma 6-1     201   Round Three

17. Jerome Mathis   Hampton   5-11   181   Round Three/Four

(Tight Ends)
Updated March 31st

1. Heath Miller **JR       Virginia        6-5  256             Round One

2. Alex Smith   Stanford      6-4          258     Round One/Two

3. Kevin Everett     Miami-Florida    6-4   241     Round Three

4. Jerome Collins   Notre Dame6-4   267     Round Three/Four

5. Joel Dreesen (LS)     Colorado State  6-4           260     Round Four

6. Adam Bergen      Lehigh 6-4   265     Round Four/Five

7. Billy BajemaOklahoma State 6-5    261     Round Five/Six

Updated April 3rd

1. Chris Spencer**JR   Mississippi  6-3  309    Round Two/Three

2. Jason Brown     North Carolina    6-3  325    Round Three/Four

3. Richie Incognito INJ        X Nebraska  6-3  305    Round Four/Five

4. Junius Coston  North Carolina A&T    6-3  310    Round Four/Five

5. Scott Mruczkowski  Bowling Green   6-4   321    Round Five/Six

6. Eric Ghiaciuc    Central Michigan       6-4   302    Round Five/Six

7. Ben Wilkerson  LSU6-3   299    Round Six/Seven

Updated April 15th

  1. David BaasMichigan     6-4   319   Round Two

  2. Marcus Johnson (OT)     Mississippi 6-6   321   Round Two

  3. Elton Brown      Virginia        6-4   331   Round Three

  4. Evan Mathis      Alabama       6-5  304    Round Three/Four

  5. Adam Snyder (OT)    Oregon        6-5   316   Round Three/Four

  6. Scott Young      Brigham Young  6-3   312   Round Four

  7. Chris KemoeatuUtah     6-3   324   Round Four/Five

  8. Logan Mankins Fresno State      6-4   307    Round Four/Five

  9. Claude Terrell   New Mexico6-2   343   Round Four/Five

10. Dan Buenning   Wisconsin          6-4   320   Round Five

Updated April 15th

1. Alex Barron       Florida State      6-7   320   Round One

2. Jamaal Brown   Oklahoma    6-6   316   Round One

3. Khalif Barnes    Washington6-6   305   Round One

4. Adam Terry Syracuse     6-8   330          Round Two/Three 

5. Michael Roos    Eastern Washington        6-6   320   Round Two/Three

6. Michael Munoz  Tennessee 6-5   306   Round Three/Four

7. Chris Colmer      North Carolina St.    6-5    310   Round Three/Four

8. Nick Kaczur Toledo        6-4           319   Round Three/Four

9. Anthony Alibi      TCU             6-5    310   Round Four/Five

10 Wesley BrittAlabama      6-8    314   Round Four/Five

(Defensive Ends)
Updated April 15th

  1. Shawne Merriman             Maryland   6-4    272   Round One

  2. DeMarcus Ware  Troy    6-4    251     Round One

  3. Marcus Spears                  LSU      6-4    307    Round One

  4. Erasmua James  Wisconsin  6-4    260    Round One

  5. David Pollack      Georgia      6-2    265    Round One

  6. Matt Roth     Iowa     6-3    273    Round One/Two

  7. Justin Tuck **JR  Notre Dame       6-5    268    Round One/Two

  8. Dan Cody      Oklahoma   6-5    254    Round One/Two

  9. Jovan Haye   Vanderbilt  6-2   284     Round Two/Three

10. Chris Canty   Virginia       6-7   279            Round Three/Four

11. James Davis         Virginia Tech     6-3   277     Round Four

(Defensive Tackles)
Updated April 15th

  1. Travis Johnson    Florida State    6-3  305     Round One

  2. Shaun Cody   USC    6-4  293      Round One

  3. Mike Patterson     USC    6-0  302      Round One/Two

  4. Luis Castillo   Northwestern  6-3  303      Round Two/Three

  5. Jonathan Babineaux   Iowa    6-2  286     Round Two/Three

  6. Sione Pouha  Utah    6-3  325     Round Three

  7. C.J. Mosley    Missouri    6-2   314     Round Three

  8. Atiyyah Ellison       Missouri   6-4   305     Round Four

  9. Darrell Shopshire         South Carolina       6-2   301      Round Four

10. Anttaj Hawthorne  Wisconsin6-3   321      Round Five

(Inside Linebackers)
Updated April 14th

1. Barrett Ruud Nebraska   6-2  241       Round One/Two

2. Odell Thurman      Georgia     6-1  230Round Two

3. Channing Crowder **JR     Florida        6-3  237Round Two/Three

4. Adam SewardUNLV   6-2  248Round Three

5. Kirk MorrisonSan Diego State      6-1  235        Round Three/Four

6. Alfred Fincher       Connecticut     6-1  238Round Three/Four

7. Boomer Grigsby    Illinois State    6-0  249 Round Four/Five

8. Lofa Tatupu    USC    6-0  238        Round Four/Five

9. Robert McCune    Louisville  6-0  245 Round Five

10. Liam Ezekial         Northeastern    6-0 249  Round Five/Six

(Outside Linebackers)
Updated April 14th

1. Derrick Johnson   Texas 6-3  242Round One

2. Daryl Blackstock **JR   Virginia     6-3  247Round One/Two

3. Kevin Burnett        Tennessee      6-3  239Round Two

4. Jordan Beck   Cal-Poly    6-2   233       Round Three

5. Jonathan Goddard       Marshall   6-0  238Round Four

6. Marques Harris      So. Utah   6-1   231Round Four

7. Derek Wake    Penn State      6-2    236       Round Four

8. Michael BoleySo. Mississippi       6-2   236        Round Four/Five

9. Cornelius Wortham      Alabama    6-1   236Round Four/Five

10 Trent Cole      Cincinnati 6-2   236       Round Four/Five

Updated April 15th

  1. Thomas Davis FS,OLB         Georgia     6-1   230              Round One

  2. Brodney Pool **JR FS  Oklahoma          6-2   200      Round Two

  3. Ernest Shazor **JR SS         Michigan   6-4   228      Round Two

  4. Josh Bullocks **JR FS  Nebraska  6-0   205      Round Two

  5. O.J. Atogwe FS      Stanford    5-11 219      Round Two/Three

  6. Vincent Fuller FS CB   Virginia Tech    6-1   189      Round Two/Three

  7. Donte Nicholson SS     Oklahoma         6-1   201       Round Three

  8. Marvel Underwood FS San Diego State      5-10205Round Three/Four

  9. Sean Consadine FS     Iowa   6-0   212       Round Four

10. Justin Beriault SS Ball State 6-2    204       Round Four/Five 
11. Andre Maddox SS         North Carolina St.   6-1    205       Round Five


Updated April 14th

  1. Antrel Rolle     Miami - Florida  6-0  201     Round One

  2. Adam Jones    West Virginia     5-10185     Round One

  3. Carlos Rogers        Auburn6-1  196     Round One

  4. Justin Miller  Clemson      5-10201     Round One

  5. Marlin Jackson      Michigan     6-1  190     Round One/Two

  6. Fabian Washington **JR      Nebraska    5-10188      Round One

  7. Dominique Foxworth     Maryland   5-11 184     Round Two

  8. Corey WebsterLSU     6-0   199     Round Two

  9. Ronald Bartell Howard      6-1    210    Round Two

10. Stanley Wilson        Stanford    5-11 185      Round Two/Three

11. Darrent Williams     Oklahoma State5-9   177    Round Two/Three

12. Stanford Routt        Houston     6-1   193     Round Two/Three

13. Eric GreenVirginia Tech    5-11 198     Round Two/Three

14. Bryant McFadden   Florida State     5-11 193     Round Two/Three

15. Antonio Perkins      Oklahoma  5-11 190      Round Three

(Kickers and Punters)
Updated March 24th

1. Mike Nugent (Kicker)           Ohio State     5-10170  Round Three

2. Dustin Colquitt (Punter)       Tennessee    6-2  195  Round Three/Four

3. Dave Raynor (Kicker)   Michigan St.   6-2  205  Round Five/Six

4. Tyler Jones (Kicker)     Boise State    6-1   209  Round Six/Seven

Al Fronczak's 2005
NFL Mock Draft
Round One

Updated April 23rd

Note - The capsule comments were eliminated because of the need to Update this Mock in a timely fashion.

Final Mock

1. San Francisco 49'ers - QB Alex Smith (Utah)...Tampa Bay may make a play for this pick today.

2. Miami Dolphins - WR Braylon Edwards (Michigan)...this is the spot for Edwards to be taken whether it's by the Dolphins or a                                   team that moves up to take him.

3. Cleveland Browns -  QB Aaron Rodgers (California)

4. Chicago Bears - HB Ronnie Brown (Auburn)

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - HB Carnell Williams (Auburn)               

6. Tennessee Titans - CB Antrel Rolle (Miami-Florida)

7. Minnesota Vikings - WR Troy Williamson (South Carolina)     

8. Arizona Cardinals -  CB Adam Pac-Man Jones (West Virginia)          

9. Washington Redskins - CB Carlos Rogers (Auburn)     

10. Detroit Lions - DE DeMarcus Ware (Troy)       

11. Dallas Cowboys - DE/OLB Shawne Merriman (Maryland)                                                

12. San Diego Chargers (from NY Giants) - DE Marcus Spears (LSU)   

13. Houston Texans - HB Cedric Benson (Texas)        

14. Carolina Panthers - OLB Derrick Johnson (Texas)       

15. Kansas City Chiefs - S/LB Thomas Davis (Georgia)

16. New Orleans Saints - WR Mike Williams (USC)    

17. Cincinnati Bengals - DT Travis Johnson (Florida State)      

18. Minnesota Vikings - DE David Pollack (Georgia) 

19. St. Louis Rams - OT Jamaal Brown (Oklahoma)

20. Dallas Cowboys - WR Matt Jones (Arkansas)                                     

21. Jacksonville Jaguars - CB Marlin Jackson (Michigan) 

22. Baltimore Ravens - OT Alex Barron (Florida State)       

23. Seattle Seahawks - DE Erasmus James (Wisconsin)

24. Green Bay Packers - DE Matt Roth (Iowa)

25. Washington Redskins - QB Jason Campbell (Auburn)

26. Oakland Raiders (from New York Jets) - CB Fabian Washington (Nebraska)                      

27. Atlanta Falcons - DT Shaun Cody (USC) 

28. San Diego Chargers - WR Mark Clayton (Arkansas)              

29. Indianapolis Colts - DE Justin Tuck (Notre Dame)

30. Pittsburgh Steelers - TE Heath Miller (Virginia)   

31. Philadelphia Eagles - WR Roddy White (UAB)               

32. New England Patriots - CB Corey Webster (LSU) 

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Al's New Power Workout Grades for the Top Defensive Prospects have been added to the bottom of this page!

Did the Washington Redskins really want to take Jason Campbell with their second first round pick?...Just how far will Aaron Rodgers fall on Saturday?...Have the Bucs tipped their hand..or are they just blowing smoke?...In our Prospect News Section we focus on a fast-rising Corner that might be picked ahead of some big name players on Draft Day....our take on these matters and others can be found in our HOT Prospect News and NFL Rumor Section which is right on this page.

Fact or Fiction?

The following questions were answered by our NFL Draft Expert Al Fronczak.

03/06/05 - Auburn HB Carnell Williams is now considered a Lock to be a Top 10 pick in the Draft...FACT...After completing a terrific Senior season Carnell came to the Combine and wowed the Scouts with a solid overall workout...but the one thing that solidified his Top 10 Ranking is the fact that he added ten - plus pounds to his frame without losing any speed and quickness, which pleased the Scouts as much as his overall Combine workout.

01/17/05 - The San Francisco 49'ers will trade out of the first pick overall...FICTION...Fiction because even though the Niners would Love to deal the pick and acquire multilple picks, I feel they will be hard pressed to find a trading partner since this Draft lacks a true Number One Prospect overall.

01/17/05 - This 2005 Draft doesn't have a sure fire number one pick overall...FACT...this is the first time in years that there is a real question as for who the first pick in the Draft will be, especially since Matt Leinart decided to stay at USC.

01/17/05 - Michigan Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards could be a TOP 5 Pick in the Draft...FACT...I believe Braylon has a chance to be one of the Top 5 Players taken in the 2005 Draft.  He's the Top Receiver in this Draft and a Player that has the potential to be a HUGE Difference maker in the Terrell Owens mold at the next level.

11/28/04 - USC Halfback Reggie Bush deserves the Heisman Trophy Award...FACT...Although Trojan QB Matt Leinart did a great job having to endure a season without his favorite target Mike Williams, you can mark this down - the Trojans wouldn't be playing for the National Championship had Reggie Bush not been on the team. Not only was Bush a Playmaker for the Trojans offense, he was also a Playmaker and the most dangerous return man in College Football this season.

11/28/04 - Auburn HB Carnell Williams is a lock to be the first Running back taken in the 2005 NFL Draft...FICTION...Although I love Carnell's heart and desire to be the best that he can be, Carnell lacks the "ideal size" that NFL Scouts look for in a running back as far as an every down back is concerned at the next level.  I believe his teammate Ronnie Brown will be taken before Williams.  Ronnie Brown has the size and running skills to keep the chains moving and is viewed as an excellent blocker and a player that can stay on the field for 3 downs because of his pass catching  skills.
HOT Prospect News and Rumor Section

During the peak of the Draft season.




Our Coverage begins on
Friday June 17th!
Scouting Tips

The following is a list of positions and what NFL Scouts look for in a Prospect when evaluating that position.

Quarterbacks - Height to see over Linemen...arm strength and accuracy...mobility...decision making skills... overall smarts...toughness... field vision and ability to read a Defense....a player that can get out on the edge... turn his shoulders and step into the ball.

Halfbacks - Quickness sometimes more than speed... quickness off the line of scrimmage - acceleration and burst thru the hole... ability to run inside in between the tackles and the speed to get outside on the edge...good balance...soft hands - receiving skills...overall blocking ability and whether he has a fumbling history.

Fullbacks - Blocking skills with the ability to knock down a Defensive End...receiving skills.

Receivers - Good size and speed, a good release with the ability to get off the line of scrimmage and create seperation ...good hands...ability to adjust to the ball while in the air...ability to run after the catch...run good routes...find a seam in the zone...smarts with the ability to make adjustments...and overall athletic ability and a good work ethic.

Tight Ends - Size...a good release off the line...someone who plays with great leverage and initial quickness...a solid blocker...receiving skills...speed to accelerate deep and run good routes...ability to run after the catch.

Centers - Long arms...a good base...smarts with the ability to recognize defenses...good work habits...toughness - a mean streak...someone who uses his hands and arms to shield a defender...good balance and lateral movement...a knee bender...strength and explosion...long snapping ability.

Guards- Long Arms...a good base...initial quickness...balance...someone who moves well laterally and has the speed to be able to pull and get outside...uses his hands and arms to shield blockers...explosion off the line...keeps his pads low and bends his knees...a good drive blocker.

Offensive Tackles - Good size - height...long arms...a good base...good balance...quick feet - good footwork a player that is light on his feet...athletic ability...uses his hands and arms to shield a defender...good lateral movement...has the speed to be a lead blocker...a good knee bender that can drive block on the run and react to blitzes...good balance...initial quickness and explosion off the line of scrimmage.

Defensive Ends - Quickness...explosion...flexability...someone who can come off the ball quickly and fly off the edge...uses his hands properly to play off of his blockers...a typical 3-4 End must be stout with good lower body strength...must be versatile and be able to play on the Tackle and Guard...a 4-3 End can be a bit smaller...but must have good speed, quickness and pass rushing ability.

Defensive Tackles - A 3-4 tackle or Nose Tackle is typically a shorter player that can control and play the front side of the center...he needs strength and good lateral movement but doesn't need to get up the field as quickly as a 4-3 DT...a 4-3 Tackle is a bigger quicker player who can penetrate and get up the field faster and be disruptive...both tackles need to be able to use their hands properly to shed blocks and have good technique...they also need to keep their pads low.

Linebackers - ILB's need range to run sideline to side line...good reaction skills...ability to locate the ball...a solid run support man...strong at the point of attack...a good form tackler who can wrap up properly...ability to shed blocks...ability to drop into coverage and play well in space...OLB's need to be strong enough to matchup on a TE and use their hands properly to shed blockers...good change of direction skills...ability to support the run and rush the QB...good overall athletic ablity.

Safeties - Size and speed to cover in man and zone...athletic ability...loose hips...good change of direction skills...ability to locate the ball while it's in the air...strength and the ability to lend a hand in run support.

Cornerbacks - Good size with height...speed to cover in both man and zone coverage...athletic ability...loose hips...good change of direction skills...the ability to locate the ball while it's in the air...strength with the ability to challenge and hold a receiver at the line of scrimmage..a good tackler who can also lend a hand in run support.

FYI...Zone blocking teams like the Broncos, Niners and Falcons will be looking for more athletic Offensive Linemen that can pull, lead and run...a Prototypical Receiver that would fit a West Coast Offense like the Lions and Packers is a bigger receiver that has great hands...speed...and the abiliity to run after the catch...he needs to be a thinker with the ability to make adjustments on the fly...he typically runs shorter intermediate routes like slants, hooks and quick outs.....on the other hand...a Receiver that would fit an offense like the Chiefs and Rams would be a Prospect that can seperate, run longer routes, and make a big play...He's typically a smaller,quicker receiver that can change direction at full speed and get in and out of his breaks quickly.
NFL Mock Draft
Round Two
Updated April 23rd

33. San Francisco 49'ers - WR Reggie Brown (Georgia)       

34. Cleveland Browns -  OT Khalif Barnes (Washington)   

35. Philadelphia Eagles - DT Mike Patterson (USC)        

36. Tampa Bay Bucaneers - K Mike Nugent (Ohio State)           

37. Tennessee Titans -  OG/OT Marcus Johnson (Mississippi)      

38. Oakland Raiders -  OLB Daryl Blackstock (Virginia)                   

39. Chicago Bears - TE Alex Smith (Stanford)

40. New Orleans Saints (from Wash) - LB Barrett Ruud (Nebraska)         

41. Detroit Lions -  CB Dominique Foxworth (Maryland)          

42. Dallas Cowboys - FS Brodney Pool (Oklahoma)

43. New York Giants -  DT Luis Castillo (Northwestern)      

44. Buffalo Bills (from Arizona) C - Chris Spencer (Mississippi) ...this pick is projected to be acquired from the Cardinals along with OT L.J.           Shelton for HB Travis Henry and the Bills pick (#55) in this round.

45. Carolina Panthers - WR Chris Henry (West Virginia)   

46. Miami Dolphins (from Kansas City) - OLB Kevin Burnett (Tennessee) 
47. New York Jets (from Oakland thru Houston) - CB Justin Miller (Clemson)   

48. Cincinnati Bengals - DE Dan Cody (Oklahoma)      

49. Minnesota Vikings - SS Ernest Shazor (Michigan)

50. St. Louis Rams - CB Stanley Wilson (Stanford)                   

51. Green Bay Packers - ILB Channing Crowder (Florida)       

52. Jacksonville Jaguars -  WR Roscoe Parrish (Miami-Florida) 

53. Baltimore Ravens -   DT Jonathan Babineaux (Iowa)                

54. Seattle Seahawks -  OLB Jordan Beck (Cal-Poly)         

55. Arizona Cardinals (from Buffalo) - CB Darrent Williams (Oklahoma St)...the Cardinals take their second CB of the Draft.

56. Denver Broncos - CB Eric Green (Virginia Tech)       

57. New York Jets - OT Adam Terry (Syracuse)       

58. Green Bay Packers - FS Josh Bullocks (Nebraska)       

59. Atlanta Falcons - CB Ronald Bartell (Howard)                 

60. Indianapolis Colts - CB Bryant McFadden (Florida State)           

61. San Diego Chargers - OT Michael Roos (E. Washington)

62. Pittsburgh Steelers -  WR Fred Gibson (Georgia)            

63. Philadelphia Eagles - HB Marion Barber (Minnesota)       

64. New England Patriots - OC/OG David Baas (Michigan)
First Day Reaches in the Draft

Chicago Bears WR Mark Bradley (pick 39)
Green Bay CB/S Nick Collins (pick 51)
Indianapolis CB Kelvin Hayden (pick 60)
San Francisco HB Frank Gore (pick 65)
Indianapolis DE Vincent Burns (pick 92)
Pittsburgh OT Trai Essex (pick 93)
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03/21...One NFL Draft Prospect that is climbing the teams charts is San Diego State Safety Marviel Underwood...Underwood had an impressive workout in front of numerous NFL teams on Friday...Underwood measered 5-10.5  197 (which was 8 pounds less than his Combine weight of 205) and really turned some heads when he ran a pair of 4.38 - 40's which is an improvement on his Combine times of 4.55 and 4.64...He also recorded and impressive 39" vertical jump...Underwood isn't regarded as a true sleeper prospect from a small school but a prospect that was never highly regarded...in eleven games played this past season for the Aztecs Underwood ranked 4th on the team in Total Tackles with 58 including 2 for a loss...he also had 2 interceptions, 10 pass break-ups and recorded 1 fumble recovery playing the Free Safety position for his team...the fact that Underwood lost the weight and improved his Forty time won't be undervalued by NFL personnel...more than one NFL team believes he could make the transition to Corner at the next level because of his speed and ability to change direction quickly...he's always been a physical hitter, but was labeled as a prospect that needed to improve his strength to succeed at the next level...Underwood did just that and recorded 19 reps at 225 pounds on the bench at the Indianapolis Combine which was more than most of the top Safety and Corner Prospects in the Draft.

03/28...The latest buzz around the league has the Tennessee Titans openly shopping their First Pick in the Draft...Titans GM Floyd Reese stated last week that his team may be forced to use it's First Pick (the 6th overall) on a Left Tackle in the upcoming Draft...starting Left Tackle Brad Hopkins will be entering his 13th season in 2005 and the team lost it's Right Tackle Fred Miller to the Bears in Free Agency...if you read between the lines, what Reese is telling the rest of the league is - we would like to take a Tackle with our First Pick... but... you and I both know that the 6th overall pick is way too high for any of the Tackles in this Draft...so...our First Pick is their for the taking... so get in line and submit your trade proposals...Pre-Draft talk like this is common and usually you can't believe a word that any NFL GM says at this time because they're unwilling to "tip their hand" as to what direction his team is headed going into the Draft....however...in this case Reese is serious about the Titans need at the Tackle position... but at the same time everyone in the league knows he's not using the 6th overall pick on a Tackle and the pick can be had for the right price...nobody but Reese and the Titans organization really know which Tackle Prospect the Titans are eyeing... but the team must be careful not to move down too far because the Texans at #13 list the LT spot as the teams greatest need and teams like the Lions at #10 the Cowboys at #11 and the Chargers at #12 could also spoil the Titans plan...however ...there are two LT's (Alex Barron and Khalif Barnes)  in the Draft that carry a First Round Grade and one of them should still be available as late as the 19th pick in this Draft.

03/29...With the Draft less then one month away it's time to look at a couple of prospects that have slipped a bit since the end of the College season...HB Cedric Benson of Texas was once viewed as a possible Top Five pick but has since slipped out of the Top Ten picks of the upcoming Draft because he failed to workout with his competition (Auburn HB's Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown) at the Indy Combine and then failed to blow the Scouts away at his personal workout....Benson also has some character issues that will weigh him down....DE Dan Cody of Oklahoma is also in the same boat as his stock has fallen as well...Cody was also viewed as a possible Top Five Pick by some Media outlets after the season ended... but that was more of a case of "overhype"...Cody decided to not workout at the Combine and then had a good personal workout in front of the Scouts...the thing that's dragging Cody down at this time is there are several other good DE Prospects in this Draft who have a "high ceiling" while Cody is viewed as a Prospect that has reached his potential and is maxed out physically since he doesn't have the frame to get bigger...there is also a concern that Cody had to overcome a bout of clinical depression during the 2001 season and passed out on the sideline durring a game this past season....He compares favorably to former Nebraska DE Chris Kelsay who lasted until the middle of the second round of the 2003 Draft before he was taken by the Buffalo Bills.

03/30...One Draft Prospect that is flying up the charts is University of Houston CB Stanford Routt...Routt came out of high school as a decorated All-American track Star who started 4 games at Corner for the Cougars as a Freshman...Routt was never considered a top CB  prospect during his stay at Houston because he never fully committed to Football as he split time between track and the pigskin...until his senior year...during his senior season Routt started every game for the Cougars and recorded 60 tackles...2 interceptions and had 8 pass breakups...Routt is the type of Prospect that NFL Scouts love to uncover because he's a player "on the come" with a very high ceiling...
Routt has the size ( 6-1.3  193) that Scouts love and the speed (4.29 - 4.39 - forty) that is rarely associated with a CB of that size...as a true Cb prospect Routt is a little raw at this stage since he needs some work on his technique...but the Scouts will tell you that those are the things that they can work with....his speed is something that can't be taught...all in all...Routt has the size and speed that Scouts covet and he's a player that isn't even close to reaching his full potential at this stage since he just recently started to fully dedicate himself to the game....
Routt is now considered a lock to be taken on the first day of the Draft... with the possibility of hearing his name called within the first two rounds of the upcoming NFL Draft.

04/01...We added something new to this page yesterday and it's a first on the Net!...scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will find Al's Power Workout Grades for the Top Defensive Prospects in the upcoming NFL Draft...these grades were compiled by adding together a Defensive players workout numbers from his bench, vertical jump and broad jump....these workouts measure a prospects explosiveness which is something that Defensive coaches and Scouts look for in a Defensive Prospect...the Prospects Wonderlic Score was also figured into the equation...the whole formula is explained in the section and is used by several NFL teams to measure a Prospects explosiveness ......on to the Prospect  News front...Maurice Clarett held his private workout yesterday and improved his stock for the upcoming Draft with the workout...Clarett weighed in at 236 pounds but reportedly looked more chiseled then what he appeared at the Combine...he ran a pair of forty's and was clocked anywhere from as low as 4.65 and as high as 4.72 depending on the Scouts stopwatches....he caught the ball very well and also performed some drills...he was timed at 4.44 in the short shuttle...12.09 in the long shuttle and 7.43 in the cone....even though his 40 times weren't blazing fast...they could be considered on par or better than some of the other possibe first day prospects because of Claretts weight...Prospects like Vernand Morency clocked a 4.62 at 212 pounds...Ciatrick Fason ran a 4.59 at 210 pounds...Alvin Pearman ran a 4.67 at 208 pounds and T.A McClendon who a 4.72 at 235 pounds...not that Clarett will be drafted ahead of any of those prospects... but we feel he will be taken in the Draft's second day...but probably no earlier then the sixth round.

04/02...The Kansas City Chiefs and CB Patrick Surtain reached an agreement on a multi-year contract on Friday but have yet to complete the trade with the Dolphins to acquire Surtain's rights...the Chiefs reportedly offered the Dolphins their 4th round pick in the upcoming Draft... but that was far from what the Dolphins consider fair compensation for the Pro Bowl Corner....Dolphins Head Coach Nick Saban has stated that he won't give Surtain away and wouldn't mind keeping him on the Dolphins roster for the upcoming season... the team would have to make some moves to accomadate Surtains 8.4 million dollar cap hit or be creative in a Contract extension...what's keeping Surtain and the Dolphins from reaching a long term deal is Surtain's reported request of a $14 million dollar signing bonus which is too rich for the Dolphins taste...the Dolphins are requesting the Chiefs second round pick (#46) in the upcoming Draft along with a middle round pick as well...the Chiefs reportedly would be willing to deal a third round pick in next years Draft and a middle rounder in the upcoming Draft...the team doesn't have it's own third round pick in this years Draft because it went to the Eagles in a trade for John Welbourne and the team can't deal their compensatory 3rd round choice due to league rules....our take on this matter is this....the Chiefs need to find an experienced Corner to plug into their lineup and Surtain fits that bill...but... the team was hoping that the Dolphins would flinch and accept their trade proposal of a fourth round pick...but since Nick Saban has gone on the record and stated that they won't give Surtain away the Chiefs will sweeten their part of the deal and a trade will likely get done before the NFL Draft takes place in three weeks....remember....the Dolphins have several needs to fill and are without a second round pick in the upcoming Draft and although dealing Surtain would seem to create another hole... the Dolphins have CB Will Poole who the team stole in the fourth round of last years Draft waiting in the wings.

04/03...The Chargers - Niners trade rumor that had San Diego moving up to the first pick in the Draft was just the first of many as the Draft soon approaches...we expect a lot of action on Draft day as teams will attempt to position themselves to secure a prospect that is on their wish list...Texans GM Charlie Casserly during a radio interview last week... stated that it's very likely that his team will trade out of their first pick which is the 13th overall...Casserly didn't say which way the team will be moving (up or down) but it's likely the team will move up if one of the prospects they covet slips a bit in the Draft....the Texans have two glaring needs...one on the O-Line at the Left Tackle position and the other on Defensive side of the ball at the Inside Linebacker position...since the team is Drafting 13th overall...taking an Inside Backer  with that pick is out of the question since the Top Prospects (Crowder,Thurman and Ruud) all carry a late first round grade at best... however...the Texans could land the Draft's top OT Alex Barron if they were to move up to the Lions pick at #10 since the teams drafting ahead of the Lions have other needs and are likely to pass on Barron...the Texans could also be targeting WR Troy Williamson to pair with Andre Johnson and give Qb David Carr another weapon...it seems that the Lions pick at #10 could become the "Hot Spot" on Draft Day...the Lions at #10 need to upgrade their secondary at the one Corner position opposite Dre' Bly...but they will be also looking for a DE that can fly off the edge and pressure the QB which is something the Lions lacked last season...one of the Draft's Top Corners should still be on the board along with all of the Top DE's in the Draft at #10...If the Lions were to make a deal with the Texans... they would only be moving back three spots and would likely still be able to land a Prospect on their wish list...this isn't even a rumor yet at this stage... but it's likely that both teams could make a deal on Draft Day whether it's with each other or with another team.

04/04...Behind the urging of QB Tom Brady the Patriots announced a key signing over the weekend by inking WR David Terrell to a one year contract...Brady and Terrell were teammates at the University of Michigan...Terrell a former number one pick of the Bears never reached his full potential in Chicago, but could turn out to be a huge steal for the Patriots...Terrell has a great combination of size and deceptive speed and posted a few 100 yard receiving games for the Bears last season...the fact that the Bears weren't a passing team because they lacked a decent starting QB had something to do with Terrells lack of production and the team lost starting QB Rex Grossman for the year early in the 2004 season....Terrell was labeled the bad guy in Chicago because he was often vocal about the Bears lack of offensive production...all in all...it's a "win-win" situation for both Terrell and the Patriots because the Pats added a receiver that was once labeled a potential difference maker at a bargain price...while Terrell landed with a team (that last time we checked) had a decent QB and an offense that should see him play an important role in for the 2005 NFL season.

04/05...Ohio State kicker Mike Nugent should be a hot commodity come Draft day...Nugent who most media outlets consider the best kicker coming out of the Draft since Sebastian Janikowski...shouldn't be available when the NFL Draft resumes on the second day because of his kicking ability and the fact that several NFL teams desperately need to address the kicking position in this Draft...Nugent could go as high as pick #59 to the Atlanta Falcons in the second round since the Falcons must replace kicker Jay Feely who they lost to the Giants in Free Agency...however...if Nugent lasts until the third round, it won't be for long since teams like the Titans at #68 need to replace Joe Nedney (who left via Free Agency) and hasn't been healthy in years...the Titans also can't depend on his repacement (the ancient) Gary Anderson forever....the Bucaneers at pick #71 are very desperate to land a top notch kicker and could be the front runners for Nugent...since the team has twelve picks in the Draft...thus the team could easily use a first day pick on Nugent...Coach Jon Gruden stated that one of the Bucs top off season priorities is to find a reliable kicker... if the Bucs don't land Nugent ...Gruden will have a hard time finding someone to fulfill the teams need at that position...and last but not least...the Vikings at pick #80 need to stop the revolving door that has occupied the teams kicking position for years and Nugent would be able to do just that and keep the ancient Morten Anderson retired once and for all......Al will be Updating his Mock once again this week.

04/06...There are only 17 days left before the NFL Draft and here are some of the latest tidbits and rumors circulating around the league...
the Lions are looking to add an experienced veteran receiver to their roster...the Vikings who own two first round picks are reportedly looking at the possibilty of taking one of the Drafts top three Halfbacks with their first of two picks which is #7 overall...the Vikings have bolstered their Defense during the off season and feel the need to take an offensive "difference maker" whether it be at the receiver or  halfback position with their first pick...expect the Giants to add a cover corner and a halfback to spell Tiki Barber in this Draft...the Dolphins have come out and stated that their first pick in the Draft can be had for the right price...the Eagles and Ravens trade is on hold at this time because the Ravens and Corey Simon have been unable to reach an agreement on a long term deal...the reason the Eagles have Simon on the block is because they feel Simon underachieved for the team until last season which was his contract year...Rams OT Kyle Turley has told the team that he wants to switch over to the Defensive side of the ball and play at the Defensive End position which he feels will take some pressure off his aching back...Turley reportedly has gotten his weight down to 265 pounds in the anticipation of the move...and last but not least Miami Hurricane CB Antrel Rolle has seen his stock go up over the last few weeks since he ran his forty times for the scouts...
Rolle ran under 4.50 for them which solidified his standing as a top 10 pick in the Draft...Rolle is now being thought of as the Top Defensive Prospect in this Draft on some teams boards....Al will be Updating his First and Second Round Mock today with several Major changes!

04/07...The latest buzz around the NFL...Miami Dolphins Coach Nick Saban was a guest on Serius Satellite Radio on Wednesday and as expected he didn't let his radio audience know who his team is taking with their first round pick...what a surprise!...what Saban did say however was that the Dolphins would be receptive to a trade offer for their pick... if they feel the compensation would equal the value of the pick...Saban also said the team isn't sure who their first pick will be... but... he added that his team is looking for a "difference maker" with the pick and their choice doesn't exactly have to fill a need...if you read between the lines...the Dolphins first pick will be the highest rated player on their board regardless of position......Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones has gone out of his way to let the media know that the Cowboys are thinking about trading down from one of their two first round picks to add extra choices in the Draft...one team that has been rumored to be moving up is the Philadelphi Eagles who own multiple picks in the Draft and have had a history of being involved in Draft day trades...could two Division Rivals hook up on the phones on Draft Day?...stay tuned!.....recent prospect talk has had Auburn QB Jason Campbell moving up the board and possibly unseating Charlie Frye for the third slot amoung the QB ratings...don't believe the hype!...the feeling among NFL personnel is that Campbell has improved his stock tremendously but he's still behind Charlie Frye on their boards.

04/08...The New York Jets shaky relationship with DE John Abraham bears watching in the next two weeks with the Draft soon approaching ...Abraham refused to sign the Jets Franchise tender and must remain unsigned until July 15th...Abraham is upset at the Jets because he wants a long term contract commitment from the team...the Jets on the other hand are reluctant to commit to a long term deal with a player that has been "labeled" as fragile...Abraham missed the last 4 games of the regular season and both Playoff games last season when the team really could have used his presence on the field...the Jets who pick 26th overall in the first round would love to be able to move up in the Draft and could include Abraham in a trade package to position themselves in a slot to acquire one of the top three CB's in this Draft...not only do the Jets want to land a Corner in this Draft  but they also need to find a return man to replace Santana Moss...West Virginia CB Adam Pac'Man Jones fits that bill and could be targeted by the Jets...teams that are seeking a pass rushing End like Abraham in the Draft include the Redskins at #9..the Lions at #10..the Chiefs at #15 and the Bengals at #17...it's way to early to tell how the board will fall on Draft day...but...it's a situation that bears watching on Saturday April 23rd.......Arkansas QB/WR Matt Jones continues to rise up the teams Draft boards...Jones may not even make it out of the first round of the Draft since teams like the Chargers at #28..Steelers at #30..Eagles at #31 and even the Patriots at #32 are all eyeing the soon to be former Arkansas Razorback.

04/09...The latest buzz surrounding the Draft starts in Detroit where the Lions are being rumored to be thinking about the possibility of moving up in the Draft...the Lions who own the 10th pick overall brought in Michigan WR Braylon Edwards for a pre-draft interview this week...it's virtually impossible that Edwards will make it through the first nine picks in the Draft and be on the board when it's the Lions turn at #10... but the team still brought Edwards in for a visit which may have added some fuel to the rumor...there are several teams in the Draft that would like to move down including Miami at #2...Cleveland at #3 and Tennessee at #6...so...if the Lions brass has really fell in love with a player like Edwards...it's definitely possible that they would have the chance to move up since their are "takers" for a trade at the top of the Draft....another Draft rumor floating around has the Tampa Bay Bucs "dangling" QB Chris Simms to see his worth on the trade market ...the Bucs spent a 3rd round pick in the 2003 Draft on Simms and could receive a pick as high as the 3rd round for him since the former Texas Longhorn has two years experience under his belt and is being viewed as more ready to play then the rookie prospects that will be entering this Draft...Bucs Head Coach Jon Gruden is apparently a bit discouraged that Simms hasn't "taken the bull by the horns" up to this point...it is also believed that the team has taken a real liking to former FSU QB Adrian McPherson who the Bucs and Packers reportedly tried to sign as a Free Agent several months ago before the NFL stepped in and told the teams that McPherson couldn't be signed on the open market and would have to enter the NFL Draft...and last but not least...the 49'ers were in the news on Friday as they officially signed former Ravens DE Marquise Douglass to a multi year contract...Douglass will play DE for the team and will be a perfect fit for the Niners new 3-4 Defensive scheme...Douglass played for Coach Mike Nolan in Baltimore and was the Ravens starting DE in their 3-4 scheme.

04/10...One HOT Rumor to report today centers around the Washington Redskins...the Redskins who own the Drafts ninth pick overall are reportedly considering making a move to strengthen the team's CB position before the Draft in two weeks...the team reportedly would feel more confident in a veteran starting Corner over one of the upcoming Drafts top rookie prospects...the Redskins could become a "player" in the Patrick Surtain sweepstakes and trump the Chiefs offer to the Dolphins for Surtain...however...the veteran Corner that the Redskins apparently covet is Bills CB Nate Clements...Clements has one year left on his existing contract and will become an unrestricted Free Agent at the end of the 2005 season unless Clements and the Bills can work out a deal before then...it's highly unlikely since Clements will be looking to be paid as the highest rated Corner to hit the market in Free Agency which will include a hefty signing bonus...Bills GM Tom Donahoe has a history of not over spending on a player for the sake of his teams Cap....the Bills don't own a First Round pick in the upcoming Draft because it was sent to Dallas as part of the 2004 Draft day trade which enabled the team to land their QB of the future J.P. Losman...Redskins Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams drafted Clements in the first round in 2001 in Williams first year as the Bills Head Coach...stay tuned!!!!!.......on to some Prospect news...LSU Corner Corey Webster was considered one of the Top 3 CB prospects and a sure-fire first round pick heading into the 2004 season...but Webster's stock fell during the season in which he struggled mightly because he was playing on a nagging hamstring injury which he couldn't shake during the season...Webster recently impressed the Scouts with a solid Pro Day workout which convinced his on-lookers that he's fully recovered from the injury...Webster could become somewhat of a Draft day steal if he falls out of the first round of the up-coming Draft.

04/11...It's that time of the year with the Draft soon approaching when NFL teams set smoke-screens for the media and other teams to blow through...one recent example has one unnamed NFL team telling the press that USC WR Mike Williams is being viewed as a TE by their team since they feel he will "balloon" up to the 240-250 range in a couple of years...it's possible that this team does indeed feel this way... but it's a way safer bet that they like Williams and are hoping that other teams fall in their trap...speaking of Williams...several reports have Williams slipping behind South Carolina WR Troy Williamson as the #2 receiver on some teams boards...but...it's hard to believe that rumor since Williams shouldn't slip out of the Top Seven picks in this Draft since teams (Tampa #5, Tennessee #6, Minnesota #7) that reportedly covet him are picking in that range....on to the NFL where the Cleveland Browns put RB William Green on the trade market several weeks ago... but have yet to catch a nibble...the team is only looking for a second day draft pick in return for the former first round pick...the San Francisco 49'ers have narrowed their search for their First pick in the Draft down to four Prospects...QB's Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith...Wr Braylon Edwards and CB Antrel Rolle...the team has hinted that they want the Prospect that they choose to be the number one overall pick... signed, sealed and delivered before the official start of the NFL Draft which is now only 12 day away.

04/12...There are only Eleven days until Christmas for NFL Draft fans and their teams and we have more Draft news to pass on today...Troy DE DeMarcus Ware isn't just climbing up the teams Draft boards he's outright flying up them!...Ware recently ran a 4.52 in Troy's Pro Day workout and was timed in the upper 4.4's by one NFL Scout...he is now being viewed as a Prospect that will be off the board within the first 15 picks of the upcoming Draft and is being compared to Colts DE Dwight Freeney...however some teams feel Ware would be a great fit as a rush linebacker in a 3-4 defensive scheme...teams like the Cowboys at #11, Chargers at #12, and Texans at #13 all play the 3-4 scheme and
are considering Ware with their first pick...on to Cleveland where a report came out on Monday that the Browns are said to be considering DE/OLB Shawne Merriman with their first pick in the Draft...however...it's unlikely that the team will take Merriman with the third pick overall but if the Browns are able to find a taker for the third pick in the Draft then Merriman may come into play...our Draft expert Al Fronczak had Merriman penciled in to the Browns in an earlier Mock and feels he would be a perfect fit as a rush linebacker for the Browns new 3-4 defensive scheme...Al has Updated his Mock once again today and has posted his Second Day Gems at the bottom of this page.

04/13...The latest news coming out of the league includes the Tampa Bay Bucs reported interest in one of the two QB prospects in the Draft ...Bucs Coach Jon Gruden recently worked out Aaron Rodgers and was quoted as saying that they wouldn't have scheduled the workout if they weren't really interested in him...the Bucs reportedly are considering the possibility of moving up in the Draft to land one of the signal callers and certainly have the ammunition (12 picks in the 2005 Draft) to do so...however...as we stated in our 04/11 column the possibility exists that the Bucs will use Qb Chris Simms as trade bait ...and two of the Bucs possible trade partners (the Dolphins and Browns) could both be interested in the former Texas Longhorn...however...it's that time of the year when you can't believe everything you hear from the teams...Cleveland Browns Gm Phil Savage was a guest on Serius Satellite Radio on Tuesday and when asked what direction the Browns will be leaning with their first pick.. Savage stated that the Browns are committed to taking the Best Player Available on their board regardless of position...Savage was also asked to comment on some of the top Draft picks including Braylon Edwards, Ronnie Brown, Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith, Cedric Benson, Cadillac Williams, Derrick Johnson and Shawne Merriman...Savage went on to comment about all of those prospects but avoided talking about Shawne Merriman and Derrick Johnson........Al will be tweaking his First and Second round Mocks almost daily until he feels all the pieces of the puzzle are in place.

04/14...There are only 9 days left before the NFL kicks off the Draft next Saturday at 12:00pm (est) and everything is quiet on the league front...we have a few items to pass along today and we start with DT Luis Castillo of Northwestern...Castillo acknowledged in a letter to all 32 NFL teams that he took steroids after the 2004 season because he was frustrated with the long healing process of his elbow injury...the general consensus is Castillo's stock will fall a bit... but not to the point that he would still be available on the Draft's second day...Castillo carried a late first to mid second round grade before the steroid report came out.....Draft Prospect Thomas Davis of Georgia is the Top Rated Safety Prospect on most teams boards and should be a top 20 pick in the Draft...however...Davis isn't being looked at as a Safety Prospect by every NFL team...there are several teams that feel Davis would be able to make the transition to the Outside Linebacker position and has been compared to Bucs LB'er Derrick Brooks because of his size..range..and hitting ability..Brooks is listed at 6-0 235 while Davis is 6-1 230.....last but not least...Georgia DE David Pollack was recently brought in for a private workout by the Dallas Cowboys...
the Cowboys feel Pollack could play with his hand off the ground as a standup Rush Linebacker in their soon to be new 3-4 scheme or play End if the team lines up in a 4-3 front.

04/15...The latest buzz around the NFL has the San Francisco 49'ers negotiating with Cal QB Aaron Rodgers...the negotiations are reportedly headed in the right direction and could culminate with the Niners and Rodgers reaching an agreement before the Draft...the Niners organization has stated that they want to have an agreement in place with their top pick before the Draft begins next Saturday...the team has also stated that if they can't reach an agreement before the Draft and happen to move out of their pick... their likely choice would then be CB Antrel Rolle... if he is still available when the team selects.....on to New York where a report has surfaced that Jets CB Donnie Abraham is considering retirement...the Jets already have the Cornerback position circled in this Draft and Abraham's retirement would make finding a replacement even more urgent......the knee injury that Draft prospect Richie Incognito suffered several weeks ago wasn't a torn ACL like most feared...Incognito will reportedly be able to resume working out in just 8 weeks and will reportedly be fully recovered before the NFL training camps begin for the start of the 2005 season.....Al will be tweaking his Mock once again today and should have a better take on which direction each team is headed before his Final Mock is posted next Friday.

04/16...We are exactly one week away from the NFL Draft and things are beginning to heat up!...the Tampa Bay Bucs have reportedly contacted the Miami Dolphins about the possibility of switching first round picks so that the Bucs could land QB Alex Smith who they feel is the number one rated player on their board...according to an NFL Draft trade chart  the Bucs would have to send the Dolphins their second and third round picks in this Draft as compensation...the question is...why would a team (the Bucs) that has 12 picks in the Draft and plenty of needs deal two valuable first day picks for the chance to take a prospect (Smith) that doesn't even fill one of the teams needs at this time
...we believe that  there is more smoke then fire to this situation because this is the first year that the Bucs finally have picks in the Draft to work with to enhance their roster...our take on this matter is this...the Bucs may like Alex Smith...but their real motive in moving up to the Dolphins pick (if they do) may be to land WR Braylon Edwards or Mike Williams...as the Bucs sit right now at #5...the possibility exists that the team will miss out on both Edwards and Williams because Edwards is a virtual lock to be the third player picked in this Draft either by the Browns or a team like the Vikings or Lions who are both reportedly considering moving up in the Draft to acquire his services...the Bears sitting at #4 will either take one of the Drafts top HB's but are also leaning toward taking Wr Mike Williams with their pick...if the Bears would take Mike Williams at #4...the Bucs would then be left out in the cold as both receivers would be already off the board before they pick...the Bucs have already contacted the Bills inquiring about the services of HB Travis Henry to fill their need for a HB if they don't take one with their first pick in the Draft...stay tuned!!!!

04/17...The latest news around the league starts in Buffalo where the Travis Henry sweepstakes appears to be heating up...the Arizona Cardinals were one of the first teams to express their interest in Henry... but within the last week the Tampa Bay Bucs and Philadelphia Eagles have both contacted the Bills about the possibility of trading for Henry...these teams realize that although this Draft appears to be full of Halfbacks that will be available in rounds three through five...they also know that there is a HUGE dropoff after the top three backs...the Eagles own two picks in the top 35 of this Draft (picks #31 and #35) could be  "dangling " one of those picks to acquire Henry from the Bills in a trade down with the team...the Bills first pick in the Draft is at #55 and a package deal of that pick and Travis Henry could be headed to Philly for one of the Eagles first two picks...this is nothing more than speculation at this time...but stay tuned come Draft Day...
Bills Gm Tom Donahoe stated this week at the Bills Pre-Draft Luncheon that several NFL teams have contacted him about trading their first pick in the Draft and getting out of the first round...the general feeling around the league is there are about 15 Top Prospects in this Draft but the next 15 to 20 prospects all carry a similar grade...some teams that are drafting in that area feel they would rather move down into the second round of the Draft and not have to pay first round money to a prospect...they would then acquire an extra third or fourth round pick for trading down where there will be several solid prospects still on the board in round three through four......just a reminder...Al will be tweaking his two round Mock several times between now and the Draft...before posting his Final Mock next Friday.

04/18...Just five days left before the Draft and today we begin with an attempt to narrow down where three Draft prospects will be taken in this weekends Draft...let's start with Wr Matt Jones of Arkansas...his stock has been on the rise since the week of the Senior Bowl practices and could be a first round pick in Saturday's Draft...we expect Jones to be off the board as early as the Steelers at pick #31...but no later than Dallas at pick #42...TE Heath Miller of Virginia has seen his stock fall a bit as of late mainly because he hasn't been able to workout because of a sports hernia...Miller could go as high as pick #26 to the New York Jets or fall as far as Arizona's second round pick #44 overall.....on to some Hot Prospect News which involves Auburn QB Jason Campbell...Campbell is a lock to be a first day pick... but...where he goes in the Draft is our focus...Campbell has seen his stock rise this season and is now considered to be the 3rd best QB Prospect on some teams board...Campbell could see his name called as early as pick #34 to the Cleveland Browns or as late as the Green Bay Packers
sitting at pick #58 overall...in between those two teams sits the Tennessee Titans at pick #37...the Titans reportedly are giving strong consideration to Campbell since QB Steve McNair personally endorsed Campbell as his choice of QB that he could groom  for the team...
Ohio State Kicker Mike Nugent is clearly the top rated kicker in the Draft and is being targeted by several teams in the Draft...Nugent will more than likely miss out on being selected in the first round of the Draft...but...we expect to hear his name called soon there after in the second round...Nugent could go as high as pick #36 to Tampa Bay or as low as Atlanta at pick #59 overall...in between those two teams sits the Minnesota Vikings at pick #49 and the Buffalo Bills at pick #55...however...the Philadelphia Eagles at pick #35 could be hearing their phone ring from a team that is interested in Nugent and is sitting behind Tampa in the second round...if the Bucs (who we feel will target Nugent) feel that one of the teams behind them will trade with Philly at pick #35 to move up ahead of them to snag Nugent..then Tampa could get on the phone with the Eagles themselves and move up to pick #31 and make Nugent a first round pick afterall...this is just one of several likely chess games that will likely play themselves out on Draft day this coming Saturday...Reminder...this week between now and Saturday if there are any late breaking Draft stories, trades etc...we will be posting them on this page as they happen...also Al will be tweaking his Mock
Draft several times this week before posting his Final Mock sometime during the day on Friday.

04/19...The SanFrancisco 49'ers have reportedly settled on QB Alex Smith as their choice to be the first overall pick in this weekend's Draft...
the team must now agree on a contract with Smith and his Agent Tom Condon...the question to be asked is where does this leave Cal Qb Aaron Rodgers?...and just how far might he fall in the Draft?...the Miami Dolphins who pick second in the Draft aren't as high on Rodgers as they are on Smith and are considering Wr Braylon Edwards with their pick...the Dolphins will reportedly pass on a Hb at #2 because they feel that none of the Top 3 HB's in this Draft carry enough value to be taken that high in the Draft...the Browns at pick #3 are also said to be high on Braylon Edwards but it's unlikely that they will take Aaron Rodgers at #3...this leads us to the Chicago Bears at #4...the Bears still view Qb Rex Grossman as their QB of the future...but...only if he can remain injury free this coming season and post better numbers than he has in the past...the Bears might take a long look at Rodgers with their pick...the Bucs who own the fifth pick in the Draft just worked Aaron Rodgers out last week and appeared very interested in the Cal prospect...chances are that Rodgers could be wearing a Tampa Bay uniform in 2005 if he slips to their pick.....just a reminder...if any new development break we will post them right here on this page...also...with the Niners announcement that Alex Smith is their man - Al's Mock will be updated again but his capsule comments on his picks will be eliminated from today until the Draft because of the need to place the prospects with the team that will Draft them in a timely fashion. 

04/20...WOW!...That's just one word to describe the Pre-Draft deals that took place on Tuesday...first off...the Redskins dealt their third round pick #76 and both their first and fourth round picks in the 2006 Draft for the Broncos first pick (#25) in this weekends Draft...then ESPN's Les Pasquerelli dropped a bombshell when he wrote that he learned that the Redskins are targeting Auburn QB Jason Campbell with the pick (#25 overall) that they acquired from the Broncos...the Redskins appear to be building for the future and are hopefully right with their assessment of Campbell... because they gave up a bundle of picks (a first, third and fourth) to supposedly acquire the Auburn star...also
keep in mind if the Redskins continue to struggle this season the first round pick that they gave up in the trade to the Broncos could turn out to be a top five pick in next years Draft!...if ESPN's report is right...then look for the Redskins to shop QB Patrick Ramsey on Draft day since Mark Brunell will likely return as a veteran starter until Campbell is ready for the job.....off to Oakland where the Raiders dealt starting CB Phillip Buchanon to Houston for the Texans second (pick #47) and third round picks in this year's Draft...by making the deal with the Texans the Raiders now have two picks in the top 47 of the Draft and could package them both to get back into the first round...according to the NFL Trade Chart the Raiders have enough ammunition (950 points) to move up to the Bengals pick (#17 overall) in the first round...the
Raiders are also shopping CB Charles Woodson...but have found no takers up to this point...if the Raiders are successful in trading Woodson
then the team will be looking to replace both of their starting CB's in this Draft or through Free Agency......off to Kansas City where Chiefs GM Carl Peterson has stated that his team's potential trade with the Dolphins for CB Patrick Surtain needs to get done before the opening of Saturday's Draft ...the team wants a contract in place with Surtain before a trade is completed because the current contract situation with Surtain is too complex to be worked out during the hustle and bustle of the Draft proceedings....plus the Chiefs want to know if they will still need to address the CB position with their first pick (#15 overall) in the Draft......just another reminder that Al will be Updating his Mock once again today and his Final Mock will be posted sometime on Friday barring any trades...if any trades involving picks in the first two rounds take place late in the day on Friday...Al will then be re-posting his Final Mock before 8:00am (est) on Saturday morning.

04/21...The Oakland Raiders have found their way back into the first round of the Draft by trading TE Doug Jolley, their second round pick #38 and both of their two sixth round picks to the Jets for their first round pick #26 and their seventh round choice...the Raiders are reportedly targeting USC DT/DE Shaun Cody with the 26th pick overall...the Jets were looking to add a TE somewhere in the first day of the Draft and
with the acquisition of Jolley the team has filled one of their needs...the Jets biggest need entering the Draft is now at the Corner position and the Jets own two second round picks (#38 and #57)...according to the NFL trade chart those picks are worth a total of 850 points...if the Jets wanted back to climb back into the first round they could move up as high as the Cowboys second of two first round picks at #20......
the Washington Redskins cleared the air on Wednesday by calling an afternoon Press Conference in which they acknowledged the fact that they were on the Auburn campus on Tuesday....however...there were other prospects to view beside QB Jason Campbell who was rumored to be headed to the Skins at pick #25...the team is believed to be interested in Campbell's teammate CB Carlos Rogers with their first of two first round picks...the Redskins revealed that they could trade up by combining both first round picks...trade back...or just stay where they are at picks #9 and #25...usually when a team makes such an early Draft week trade they aren't targeting just one player with the pick ...it usally means that they are targeting  a veteran player like a Darren Howard or a Nate Clements and need the extra time to work out a contract before a trade is finalized...in this case...it appears that the Skins will either stay where they are or package both picks in a move up in the Draft...the Dolphins at #2 and the Browns at #3 are both dieing to move out of their pick and would welcome a trade with the Skins...the combined total of points that the Redskins picks #9 & #25 are worth is 2070...the Dolphins second pick overall is worth 2600, while the Browns third pick overall is worth 2200...if the Redskins do make an attempt to move up...it is believed their target is WR Braylon Edwards of Michigan.....Al's Mock will once again be "tweaked" over the next two days until all the pieces fall in place...because of the recent action on the NFL trade market...Al has decided to post his Final Mock on Saturday morning (in case of any late Friday trades)...his Final Mock will be posted before 8:00am (est).

04/22...The contract talks between the Niners and Tom Condon (Alex Smith's Agent) hit a snag this week which means it's unlikely the team will have a contract in place with their first overall pick unless the team decides to take Aaron Rodgers with their pick...Rodgers and his Agent have reportedly reached an agreement on the basic parameters of a contract but appear to be the Niners second choice at this time...off to Miami where Dolphins Coach Nick Saban has stated that his team will take WR Braylon Edwards with their pick...Saban is hoping that a team that covets Edwards will give his team a call on Saturday because the Dolphins really want to move out of the second pick...
however...don't be surprised if the Dolphins take Edwards with their pick and then negotiate with a team that is interested in him much like the Chargers did last year when they took QB Eli Manning with the first pick overall....Quick Hits...if the Redskins keep both of their first round picks...look for them to take CB Carlos Rogers with their first pick and either QB Jason Campbell or Wr Matt Jones with their second
...don't expect Wr Matt Jones to make it out of the first round of the Draft...the possibility exists that the Colts may surprise the gallery gods by taking an offensive player with their first pick...look for Travis Henry to be dealt to the Cardinals or Eagles on Draft Day...look for the Saints
to complete a deal with the Cowboys and send DE Darren Howard packing...although they have denied it...the Jets will be using DE John
Abraham as trade bait on Saturday...look for the Raiders to continue to shop CB Charles Woodson on Draft Day although there appears to be
no takers at this time...expect the Chiefs to "give in" to the Dolphins demands and send their second round pick to Miami for CB Patrick Surtain now that CB Samari Rolle and Philip Buchanon have new teams...that deal could be completed today.......Al will be Updating his Mock once again today and his Final Mock will be posted before 8:00am (est) on Saturday....and finally....we will be Updating this page throughout the weekend and we'll  have our winners and losers of the Draft posted on Monday...after that we will be taking a break...but...the good news is our 2006 NFL Draft Preview Page will be up and running sometime in June to get everyone ready for the 2006 College Football season... and of course more than enough time to totally prepare you for the 2006 NFL Draft.

04/23...The SanFrancisco 49'ers revealed on Friday that four unnamed NFL teams have contacted them about the availability of the first overall pick in the Draft...our guess is the Vikings and Redskins contacted them since both teams are interested in WR Braylon Edwards and the Bucs and Dolphins contacted them because of their interest in Alex Smith...yes we said Miami!...most of the recent rumors have had the Dolphins wanting to trade down in the Draft which is true...however...the Dolphins feel that they may not be able to find a trading partner to move down today and might have to keep their pick...they would love to see QB Alex Smith on the board at #2...Nick Saban reportedly covets Alex Smith and that is why they reportedly called the Niners about the possibility of moving up one spot...if the Niners (who want a deal in place with Smith before they make their pick) decide it's in their best interest to pass on Alex Smith...then don't be surprised to see them trade the first pick to Miami and then entertain trade offers for Braylon Edwards at #2...although it's only a remote possibility...this scenario could play itself out this morning and be announced at the opening of the Draft...also in the mix for Alex Smith is Tampa Bay...the Bucs own 12 Draft picks and Jon Gruden would love to have Alex Smith in a Bucs uniform before the end of the day...stay tuned!!.....Al's Final Mock has been posted.

04/25...The Washington Redskins wound up taking QB Jason Campbell with the pick that they acquired from the Denver Broncos... but from what we have heard...Campbell was the Redskins third choice with that pick, but had to settle for the Auburn QB because the two players that the Skins were targeting were unexpectedly taken before the 25th pick...the reason the Redskins acquired that pick was because of an internal disagreement between the Redskins Scouting Department and Head Coach Joe Gibbs...Gibbs wanted to land a WR with the Redskins ninth pick overall...but the Scouting Department was pushing for CB Carlos Rogers...because of the disagreement the Redskins made the move to acquire the 25th pick overall from the Broncos so that they would satisfy Gibbs wish for a Receiver...the Redskins plan was to take WR Matt Jones of Arkansas with the pick or WR Mark Clayton of Oklahoma if Jones was already off the board...the Redskins were reportedly shocked that both Jones and Clayton went before the 25th pick....the Redskins organization did a great job of convincing everyone last week that information had leaked out that the team was planning on taking Campbell with the pick they acquired so that the other teams wouldn't catch on to the Redskins real plan of taking Matt Jones with that pick...that situation was a "classic" example of a smokescreen that NFL teams use to cover their intentions in the Draft....although...this time it backfired!.......many observers were surprised that the Oakland Raiders reached for a CB from Houston by the name of Stanford Routt in the second round of the Draft...however we pointed out in our 03/30 article that Routt was a late riser that could be taken in the first two rounds of the Draft.

Al Fronczak's 2005 NFL Draft Review

The 2005 Draft is history and now it's time to review this past weekends events.  I usually refrain from picking the Drafts winners and losers each year because I feel it's just not fair to judge a team's Draft before a player puts his uniform on, but this is who i feel helped themselves the most and got the most value with their picks while filling their needs.

Dallas Cowboys - The Draft fell perfectly in place for the Cowboys!  Their first three picks OLB/DE Demarcus Ware, DE Marcus Spears and OLB Kevin Burnett will all fit perfectly into the new 3-4 scheme that Bill Parcells wants to install, but those three also give the team flexibility when they lineup into a 4-3 scheme.  Their fourth round pick DE Chris Canty could turn out to be a real steal when he becomes healthy enough to strap on a uniform.  Canty could start opposite Marcus Spears at End in the Cowboys 3-4 scheme.  Their other fourth round pick HB Marion Barber was another good value pick and it gives the Cowboys a young back to spell Julius Jones who was overworked at times last year.  The Cowboys got bigger and faster on Defense which was Bill Parcells number one goal entering the Draft. 

Arizona Cardinals - The Cardinals entered the Draft with the hopes of landing two potential starting Corners and a starting Halfback in the first day of the Draft.  They did just that!  Cornerback's Antrel Rolle and Eric Green have the potential to become the Cardinals starting Corners from day one and Halfback J.J. Arrington gives the team a back with speed and the ability to make a big play.  Their third round pick
OLB Daryl Blackstock was one of the Drafts true steals and an excellent value pick.  Their fourth round pick Guard Elton Brown was once considered the top Guard prospect in the Draft, but fell into the second day because some Scouts felt he needed a constant fire lit underneath him.

San Diego Chargers - The Chargers were hoping that DE/OLB Shawne Merriman would still be on the board when it was their time to pick and they got their wish.  Merriman is a perfect fit for the Chargers because he will lineup as a standup Linebacker in their 3-4 scheme just like he did at Virginia.  Their second pick DT Luis Castillo can be used as an End in their scheme and didn't drop much on the Chargers board despite testing positive for a form of steroids at the Combine.  Second round pick Vincent Jackson fills a big need for the team and gives the Chargers a receiver with great size and a prospect with untapped potential.  Their fourth round pick Halfback Darren Sproles is as quick as a lightning bolt and reminds me of Lionel James a Chargers Halfback from the past.

Minnesota Vikings - The Vikings upset some of their followers by passing on Mike Williams for Troy Williamson but the team felt that Williamson was a better fit for the Vikings vertical game and a player with the speed to replace Randy Moss.  They wanted to land a DE that was able to rush the passer with their second pick and Erasmus James fills that need.  Second Round pick OG/OT Marcus Johnson has the versatility to play at either Guard or Tackle and was one of the Drafts fastest risers in the weeks leading up to the Draft.  Third round pick Dustin Fox has the ability to play either Corner or Safety and was one of the Drafts more underrated prospects.  Fourth round pick Halfback
Ciatrick Fason gives the Vikings another back to challenge for a starting spot and sixth round pick DT C.J. Mosley has untapped potential and both he and Fason were solid value picks since they both fell out of the first day of the Draft. 

Other Noteables - The Miami Dolphins had a solid Draft as they got great value by taking DE Matt Roth and ILB Channing Crowder later than they should have been taken...The Jets filled their top three needs by taking K Mike Nugent to replace Doug Brien, landing a CB and a return man all in one player Justin Miller and finding a Big DT in the third round in Sione Pouha to replace Jason Ferguson for the middle of the Jets
Defensive Line...despite not having a first round pick I felt the Bills did a great job in getting value out of their picks...WR Roscoe Parrish gives the team a number three receiver that they have lacked and Parrish has the speed to take it to the house every time he touches the football...he also becomes the number one candidate to return punts for the team...their third round pick TE Kevin Everett gives the Bills a Tight End with speed to stretch a Defense vertically...I felt the Raiders did a good job in finding two corners with blazing speed and Stanford Routt who some felt was a reach,  was destined to be off the board before the second round was through despite what some "so-called" experts thought...I also thought that the Titans, Bengals and Browns had solid Drafts with those teams getting good value from their picks.....the teams that I thought could have done better this weekend were...Indianapolis...the Colts first round pick Marlin Jackson was a solid pick but they reached for players the rest of the Draft and failed to improve a Defense that needed some help at the linebacker position...i feel the Seahawks made some interesting picks and reached in taking ILB Lofa Tatupu in the second round and QB David Greene in the third...the team failed to further strengthen a Defense that needed help...the Packers couldn't pass on Aaron Rodgers in the first round but they did little to help their Defense out with the rest of their picks...the Washington Redskins reached badly in the fourth round for
FB Manuel White of UCLA and then took another Fullback Nehemiah Broughton in the seventh round...the Receiver that Head Coach Joe Gibbs wanted, was never taken in the Draft.

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Al's SECOND DAY "GEMS" have been posted and can be found near the bottom of this page.
Al's Power Workout Grades and Second Day "GEMS"

Defensive Prospects

The following Prospect's Grades were put together by combining some of their test result numbers from their Combine and Pro Day workout numbers.  Added in the equation were test numbers from their bench press, vertical jump, broad jump and their wonderlic test results.  For example if "Prospect A" recorded 20 reps at 225 on the bench that was added as 20.   If he recorded a 38.5 inch vertical jump, it was added into the equation as 38.5.   If he recorded a 9 foot 7 inch broad jump it was recorded as 9.7.  So that his Wonderlic wasn't overlooked, if he scored a 24 on the test it was added as 2.4 into the equation.  Prospect A's Final score would then be 70.6.  NFL Scouts, Personnel and Defensive Coaches in the league all look for Prospects that are explosive athletes and by adding up the numbers from the bench, vertical and broad jump it gives them an idea of how explosive this Prospect really is.  Remember these are just workout and test result numbers and a football prospect is ultimately judged by how productive he is on the field.  However his workout numbers play a good part into the equation.  If two prospects are equally rated by their play on the field, a prospect with a higher workout grade will subsequantly be given a higher overall grade.  Note - I was unable to complete several Prospects Final Workout Grade because they either were unable to workout because of an injury, they didn't participate in one of the required workouts or they have yet to workout. 
Those prospects have an X after their name.  If those prospects perform the required workout between now and the Draft, I will add it to their present score and give them their final grade.
                Defensive Ends

  1. DeMarcus Ware 77.7
  2. Jovan Haye 77.5
  3. Shawne Merriman   77.0
  4. Khari Long 76.9
  5. Justin Tuck 75.3
  6. Chauncey Davis70.0
  7. Bill Swancutt      69.4
  8. Matt Roth     68.9
  9. Tyler King    68.2
10. Simon Fraser     62.7
11. David McMillan  61.6
12. Eric Moore  61.4
13. Adell Duckett      59.7
14. Jimmy Verdon    58.2
15. Erasmus James X   49.3
16. Dan Cody X       45.2
17. James Davis X   11.2
18. George Gause X  1.4
19. Chris Canty X0.0
20. Marcus Spears X  0.0
              Defensive Tackles

  1. Tim Bulman 79.6
  2. Luis Castillo        79.5
  3. Sione Pouha      75.7
  4. Shaun Cody        75.0
  5. Lynn McGruder  74.6
  6. Eric Coleman      72.2
  7. Darrell Shropshire   70.2
  8. Lorenzo Alexander   69.4
  9. Mike Patterson   68.4
10. Travis Johnson 68.2
11. Anthony Bryant 64.7
12. C.J. Mosley  64.5
13. Albert Means     64.3
14. Atiyyah Ellison   63.6
15. Kevin Vickerson61.3
16. Jon Babineaux  60.9
17. Larry Burt    59.4
18. Anttaj Hawthorne    58.8
19. Jason Jefferson58.1
20. Ronald Fields X 37.1
            Inside Linebackers

  1. Liam Ezekial 83.3
  2. Adam Seward       82.8
  3. Boomer Grigsby  80.3
  4. Barrett Ruud         72.2
  5. Kirk Morrison        70.1
  6. Lofa Tatupu  70.1
  7. Odell Thurman      67.8
  8. Alfred Fincher       67.7
  9. Martin Patterson   67.3
10. Marcus Lawrence       65.2
11. Mike Goolsby                60.5
12. Channing Crowder X  48.5
13. Lance Mitchell X   49.9
14. Lionel Turner X     41.0
15. Robert McCune X 36.0
             Outside Linebackers

  1. Tyjuan Hagler82.4
  2. Jordan Beck  79.6
  3. Derek Wake    78.6
  4. Darryl Blackstock76.4
  5. Marques Harris     74.2
  6. Jonathan Goddard      73.0
  7. Leroy Hill 71.3
  8. Derrick Johnson  70.6
  9. Cornelius Wortham    69.9
10. Andre Frazier69.9
11. Kevin Burnett69.4
12. Jonathan Pollard 68.0
13. Jonathan Welsh   67.5
14. Roger Cooper       66.7
15. Kenneth Pettway         65.8
16. Michael Boley63.4
17. Trent Cole       62.8
18. Jamar Enzor X      61.5
19. Rian Wallace  57.1
20. Jared Newberry X43.1

  1. Gerald Sensabaugh    75.3
  2. Terry Holley           72.9
  3. Marvel Underwood      69.3
  4. Hamza Abdullah  69.3
  5. Sean Considine    69.2
  6. James Butler 68.9
  7. Matt Grootegood 67.7
  8. Jerome Carter67.2
  9. Diamond Ferri66.5
10. Justin Beriault       66.2
11. Andre Maddox       66.1
12. Atari Bigby     65.4
13. Aaron Francisco          63.8
14. Josh Bullocks62.3
15. Thomas Davis60.0
16. Jamaal Brimmer    58.6
17. Brodney Pool X    51.4
18. Ernest Shazor X    41.7
19. O.J. Atogwe X 25.0
20. Jim Leonhard X    21.4

  1. Bryant McFadden74.2
  2. Fabian Washington    72.6
  3. Marlin Jackson     71.5
  4. Daven Holly   70.2
  5. Scott Starks   69.8
  6. Justin Miller    69.4
  7. Darrent Williams   67.7
  8. Carlos Rogers       67.4
  9. Domonique Foxworth67.4
10. Stanley Wilson      67.0
11. Alphonso Hodge  66.4
12. Antrel Rolle     64.4
13. Chris McKenzie    64.3
14. Derrick Johnson  63.9
15. Dustin Fox      63.3
16. Antonio Perkins    62.5
17. Eric King  62.5
18. Brandon Browner61.6
19. Ronald Bartell X    60.0
20. Adam Pac-Man Jones X    49.8
21. Eric Green X   49.8
22. Stanford Routt X   49.7
23. Travis Daniels X    46.0
24. Corey Webster X   10.2
25. Vincent Fuller X       2.4
Top 20 Defensive Grades

  1. Liam Ezekial83.3
  2. Adam Seward     82.8
  3. Tyjuan Hagler     82.4
  4. Boomer Grigsby80.3
  5. Tim Bulman 79.6
  6. Jordan Beck       79.6
  7. Luis Castillo79.5
  8. Derek Wake 78.6
  9. DeMarcus Ware 77.7
10. Jovan Haye 77.5
11. Shawne Merriman    77.0
12. Khari Long          76.9
13. Darryl Blackstock     76.4
14. Sione Pouha       75.7
15. Justin Tuck  75.3
16. Gerald Sensabaugh 75.3
17. Shaun Cody75.0
18. Lynn McGruder  74.6
19. Bryant McFadden     74.2
20. Marques Harris  74.2

Al's Second Day "GEMS"

The following list of prospects are my Top Five "Gems" for the 2005 NFL Draft.
These Prospects should still be available on the second day of the Draft but could make an impact at the next level.

1. QB Stefan LeFors (Louisville)...If it weren't for his overall lack of ideal height (size) for the QB position, Lefors would be a first day pick and a possible first round selection.  Lefors has great athleticism for the position and some NFL Scouts feel he could make a successful switch over to the Defensive side of the ball and play Safety at the next level.

2. HB/RS DeAndra Cobb (Michigan State)...Cobb has everything that Scouts look for in a Halfback except ideal size since he only tips the scales at 5-9.2 191 which makes him a candidate for some playing time as a situational back.  However, Cobbs has the ability to "take it to the house" everytime he touches the football and should become a dangerous return man at the next level.

3. OT Todd Herremans (Saginaw Valley St.)...Todd seems to have come out of nowhere to now have a chance at being taken rather early on the Drafts Second Day.  Todd was a three year starter at Saginaw and brings great size (6-6.4  310) to the table to go along with enough agility and foot speed to have a chance to make it at the next level. 

4. DT Tim Bulman (Boston College)...Tim is a super-strong energizer bunny type that always has his motor running and reminds me alot of a young Chris Hovan when he came out of B.C.  The team that selects him on the Drafts second day can count on a player that will give 100% and fight his way into the starting lineup in time.

5. CB Scott Starks (Wisconsin)...Scott is another example of a prospect that has what it takes to be considered a first day pick except ideal size.  Starks is only (5-8.2  174) but has excellent cover ability and the speed (4.40) to run with the receivers.  Starks is also quite physical for a man of his size and is in on alot of pass breakups.
Al's 2005 Draft Review has been posted and can be found in our Hot Prospect News and Rumor Section.
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Steals of the 2005 Draft

Green Bay - QB Aaron Rodgers (pick 24)
New York Giants - DE Justin Tuck (pick 74)
Cincinnati - WR Chris Henry (pick 83)
Arizona - OLB Daryl Blackstock (pick 95)
Oakland - DT Anttaj Hawthorne (pick 175)
Carolina - DE Jovan Haye (pick 189)
Atlanta - HB DeAndra Cobb (pick 201)
Detroit - LB Jonathan Goddard (pick 206)
Pittsburgh - HB Noah Herron (pick 244)
St. Louis - QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (pick 250)