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2008 First Round
Mock Results

Ricky Dimon 45
Robert Esch 45
Al Fronczak 44
James Christenson 43
Michael Abromowitz 43
Mike Band 43
Randall Weida 43
Jel Welser 41
Matt Bitonti 41
Charley Casserly 40
Chris Gullo 40
Don Banks 40
Clark Judge 40
Rick Gosselin 40
NFL Spot 40
Pat Kerwin 39
Chris Steuber 39
Colin Lindsay 39
Josh Gaier 39
Scott Wright 39
Brian Diez 38
Dave Druckenmiller 38
John Stoebe 38
Ken Zalis 38
Mike McCollum 38
Ryan McCrystal 38
Shawn Zobel 38
Jay Glazer 37
Mel Kiper Jr. 37
Vic Carucci 37
Brian Fitzgerald 37
Clark Rucker 37
Greg Harrington 37
Paul Baitinger 37
Rob Tribett 37
The Red Zone 37
Dr.Z SI.com 36
Bill Tyler 36
Dave Ryan 36
Jeff West 36
Matt Mosley 36
Paul Eide 36
Scott Zuker 36
Thomas Scott 36
Surefire Scouting 36
Aaron Freeman 35
Eddie Griffin 35
Glenn Bernardi 35
Glenn Cox 35
Jim Corbett 35
Larry Weisman 35
Matt Alkire 35
Matt Miller 35
Peter Schrager 35
Rob Mccartney 35
Saturday 2 Sundays 35
Rob Rang 34
Todd McShay34
Robert Davis 34
Curtis Popejoy 34
Drew Boylhart 34
Lou Pickney 34
NFL Rough Draft 34
Brian Stevenson 33
Doug Martz 33
Dustin Claussen 33
Harry Aitkins 33
John Clifford 33
Nate Davis 33
Tommy Lawlor 33
Mike Mayock 32
Pete Prisco 32
Sean Leahy 32
Sporting News 32
Fred Jones 32
Forrest Long 32
Don Anderson 32
Andrew Lalama 32
Kevin Alvidera 31
Adam Davis 30
Caleb Johnson 30
Joey Bures 30
Mark Mitchell 30
NFL Draft Blitz 30
Jarett Bell 29
Dan Kader 29
Matt McCoy 29
Raul Colon 29
Josh Gleason 28
Derek Harper 25

Compiled and scored by The Huddle Report

Al Fronczak has over
20 years experience in scouting the NFL Draft.   Al's 2008 Mock Draft finished 2nd overall out of the top 100 major media mocks in the country.  Al's mock has finished in the top 10  for the last two years.
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*Final Mock*

I believe their will be several trades in the first round, but I haven't included any in my final mock. What I did instead, was I projected the players to the teams that I believe will select them via trade etc. 
                                                                                                 -Al Fronczak

1. Detroit Lions - QB Matthew Stafford Georgia

2. St. Louis Rams - QB Mark Sanchez USC

3. Kansas City Chiefs - DE Tyson Jackson  LSU

4. Seattle Seahawks - OT Jason Smith Baylor 

5. Cleveland Browns - LB Aaron Curry Wake Forest

6. Cincinnati Bengals - OT Andre Smith  Alabama

7. Oakland Raiders - OT Eugene Monroe Virginia

8.  Jacksonville Jaguars - DT B.J. Raji Boston College

9. Green Bay Packers - OLB Brian Orakpo Texas

10. San Francisco 49ers - WR Michael Crabtree  Texas Tech

11. Buffalo Bills - OT Michael Oher Mississippi

12. Denver Broncos - LB Brian Cushing  USC

13. Washington Redskins - DE Robert Ayers Tennessee 

14. New Orleans Saints - CB Malcolm Jenkins  Ohio State

15. Houston Texans - OLB Clay Matthews  USC

16. San Diego Chargers - ILB Rey Maulaluga  USC

17. New York Jets - QB Josh Freeman Kansas State

18. Denver Broncos (from Chicago) - HB Chris "Beanie" Wells  Ohio State

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DT Peria Jerry Mississippi

20. Detroit Lions (from Dallas) - OT Eben Britton Arizona

21. Philadelphia Eagles - HB Knowshon Moreno Georgia

22. Minnesota Vikings - WR Percy Harvin Florida

23. New England Patriots - WR Jeremy Maclin Missouri 

24. Atlanta Falcons - DT Ron Brace Boston College

25. Miami Dolphins - OLB Connor Barwin  Cincinnati

26. Baltimore Ravens - WR Darius Heyward-Bey Maryland

27. Indianapolis Colts - DT Evander Hood Missouri

28. Buffalo Bills (from Philadelphia thru Carolina) - DE Aaron Maybin Penn State

29. New York Giants - TE Brandon Pettigrew Oklahoma State

30. Tennessee Titans - DE Everette Brown Florida State

31. Arizona Cardinals - HB Donald Brown Connecticut

32. Pittsburgh Steelers - ILB James Laurianitis Ohio State

Prospects that just missed the grade:
WR Hakeem Nicks, WR Kenny Britt,  OT William Beatty, OT Phil Loadholt, DE Jarron Gilbert,
DE Michael Johnson, CB Sean Smith, CB Darius Butler, CB Vontae Davis, CB Alphonso Smith.
Post Draft Report

After two top-ten finishes in a row for my final mock, I took a step back this year placing 29th out of the top 100 media mocks, and it was clearly all my fault.  In my final mock I got a little bit too cute by pushing Ron Brace into the first round because a source told me he was being targeted by several teams.  The Patriots moved up for him, but in the second round. I also moved Jason Smith out of the Rams pick, and left receivers Hakeem Nicks and Kenny Britt out of the first round.  Most of my previous twenty four mock updates would have finished in the top 10. The good news is I'm ranked third overall in the country for the last three-year averages, according to The Huddle Report. The Dolphins selection of Pat White in the second round was as much of the Dolphins liking White for their wildcat, as it was of keeping him out of the Patriots hands.  The Glenn Dorsey to the Falcons trade never materialized because the Falcons never imagined that Peria Jerry would still be on the board at their pick.  The Bills reached a bit for Aaron Maybin at No. 11, but they filled their need for a pass-rusher with the ability to fly off the edge.  Their strategy of passing up several tackle prospects in the draft, makes me believe that they are either sold on Langston Walker being able to play left tackle, or are considering making a play for Bengals tackle Levi Jones, who will reportedly be handed his walking papers soon.  I didn't like the Jets draft strategy of giving up a bundle for Mark Sanchez.  Sanchez isn't a cold weather quarterback, and doesn't have a Josh Freeman type arm to cut through the winds that he will face in New York. His lower body build and previous knee injury also concerns me.  Steal of the Draft - the Bengals selection of DE Michael Johnson in the third round will be the steal of the century, if they use him properly, by letting him do nothing other than keeping his hand on the ground and rushing the passer.  Our 2010 Draft Page will be updated periodically during the summer months with information for the 2010 Draft.                  
                                                                                                        -Al Fronczak