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Competing with YouTube’s Best

When you make a new account on YouTube, you may think that you are just competing with yourself. But the reality is that you are competing with every single content creator that is on the platform. And even if we were to narrow things down, you are competing with those who are making videos on the same topics as you. And that may seem a bit daunting, since many of those people will have massive view counts for each of their videos, but it is a challenge that you are just going to want to embrace in the right way.

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What you will have to do is make sure that you are keenly aware that getting your content promoted matters as much as the quality of what you are producing. Before you start wondering why that is the case, let us explain. The reason why that matters is because if you are just focused on your content, you are making the bad assumption that people are just going to find your content on their own. That is not how it works, and we are going to explain to you why that is the case.

Let us say that you make a new video where you are showing some people tips on how to get good at a game. We can take the basketball game from 2k sports, nba 2k18. We are taking this version of the game, and you have decided that you want to make videos to give people tips on this game. But you are not the only person that is doing that. You are just one of many. And those people get ten thousand or more views, some get even 50,000 views. That means if someone searches for tips on nba 2k18, those videos are near the top.

Yes, you made a good video, but no one is seeing it. The video only has 500 or 600 views, so someone would only see it if they went on the third, fourth or the fifth page of the results. And that is something no one is going to do. No one goes on those pages unless they absolutely hate the content they see in the earlier pages. And that is your issue. That is why you will need to buy YouTube likes and views to get up there with the rest. Why? Let us show you.

When you are going to buy YouTube likes and views, it means that you boost your count artificially. However, it counts on YouTube as the same as any other view. Yes, you are needing these views in the beginning as you want people to see and watch your videos. That is what is going to happen. Let us say you only do this for your first ten videos. That will probably be enough. By the 11th video, you are getting enough organic views that it does not even better. People know your content now, and they want to see more. The buying of views and likes did the job for you!