East Coast News Influencer How Influencer Marketing Can Help Sell Your Products

How Influencer Marketing Can Help Sell Your Products

A good marketing campaign will make use of several different faucets to ensure maximum results. Each form needs to be both cost efficient and show steady results for the entire campaign to properly function. One revolutionary form is influencer marketing, which works well for most companies.

Why does it work? Although new in the way it is utilized, this method builds on the oldest form of marketing, word of mouth. With a proven track record dating back centuries, there should be no doubt of it’s benefits.

So how can influencer marketing help you sell your products?

Social media elites, or those with high numbers of followers, can promote your product either directly or indirectly.  Direct promotion may include a shout out on Twitter, or a review posted to a blog. Indirect promotion may mean wearing or including your product in an Instagram picture.

Social media allows followers to feel connected to these elite, which creates a form of trust which commercials or other advertisements simply cannot match. For many, these modern moguls feel like friends, and this makes them very willing to endorse what the influencer is pushing.

In a relatively small period, your products can be in front of many people who are much more likely to turn into customers than people watching advertisements. Just how many potential customers will be exposed to your brand? A lot. Take this for example:

·    You hire the services of an influencer with 20,000 followers on Instagram

·    They post a picture wearing say, your shirt, and include a hashtag with your company’s name

·    Of the 20,000 people who see this picture, a tenth of them share the image, and you have now also been exposed to another 200 people’s fan bases

·    Even if each of those 200 people have no more than 200 followers themselves, you have now added 40,000 potential customers to the original 20,000

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This effect has the potential to keep going for months, or even more than a year. By utilizing the services of just one influencer, your company could be placed in front of more than a million people.