Transferring Your Favorite Games From Your Mobile To Your Desktop


Surely, there can be no pleasurable way to wile away the time spent traveling to and from work every day. Some of us have to endure long distances. Reading a book or newspaper on the bus and tube has become such a botheration these days. How is an educated gamer supposed to concentrate with all that bumping and grinding going on. And in any case, messy newspapers, good enough for takeout English style fish and chips (as in fries) still get in the way and never seem to stay in one place. And in any case, again, what we meant to say was that newspapers are so yesterday.

Why bother with crumpled paper when you can simply swipe into your favorite newsfeed right from your very own and treasured smart mobile. See, no mess and no fuss. And it doesn’t matter how much bumping and grinding goes on around you, you’ve got the device snugly in the palm of your hand. You can also use this ‘quiet’ time on the bus or tube to visit unusual links like Alcornocales to see how you can get the better of your pals in the gaming world. You’re good at your reading by now, so this R & D exercise should do you a world of good.

It’s also a good time to practice. Learn new things and new games like Geometry Dash World. Use these spaces to find out all the tools and freebies you need to get ahead of the rest of the pack. Why play second fiddle when you can learn to be the best at Geometry Dash World. Okay, not quite the best, but pretty close enough, because as you make progress with your bus trip or train trip reading, you’ll soon discover the hectic world of professional gaming. Yes, that’s right, there’s guys out there that are now making a cool living out of doing things they love.

And why shouldn’t that be you? Why do things you don’t like doing, day in and day out, when you can do stuff you really love. And, okay, that’s going to take some practice. But that’s what those online links and guides are there for, right.